Why Choose Us ?

24x7 Hot Food
4×7 HOT Food Biryani  provides you with most delicious and unique flavors. Our priorities are good taste with health. Our solo intention is to make customers satisfied with authentic and traditional flavors of Briyani.
24×7 HOT Food Biryani  is your one stop shop for traditional Biryani  food. Established in 2013, we bring traditional  Biryani   from the Mughal Darbars.
24×7 HOT Food Biryani , we are committed to providing our guests with an exceptional  experience every time they order. Our Biriyanis are gently cooked, exquisite long grains of rice layered in spicy chicken and bursting with flavors.
Served in a hot, hygienic, we offer an extensive high delicious tasty briyani to suit every palette.
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